May 18, 2024

Consistency is the Key to Effective Leadership

Effective leadership involves maintaining a steady and predictable approach over time. Consistency in decision-making, behavior, and communication can build trust and stability within a team or organization.

Consistency is the Key to Effective Leadership

We can use a number of examples where consistency is the key, in Leadeship is the same, this not happen over night.

The example with love

The example with the gym

The example with the brushing

what’s the metric give me the number that helps me know right because when you matter you didn’t lower now you’ll love her right tell me the day the love happened it’s an impossible question but it’s not that it doesn’t exist it’s that it’s much easier to prove over time right leadish was the same thing it’s about transitions so if you were to if you were to go to the gym so like exercise right if you go to the gym and you work out and you come back and you look in the mirror you will see nothing but if you go to the gym the next day and you come back and you look in the mirror you will see so you clearly there’s no results can’t be measured it must not be effective so we quit right or if you fundamentally believe that this is the right course of action and you stick with it like in a relationship I bought her flowers and I wish her Happy Birthday and she doesn’t clearly I’ll give up that’s not what happens if you if you believe there’s something there you commit yourself to act an active service you can meet yourself to the regime the exercise you can screw it up you can eat chocolate cake one day you can skip a skip a day or two you know it allows for that but if you stick with it consistently I’m not exactly sure what day but I know you’ll start getting into shape I know and the same with the relationship it’s not about the events it’s not about intensity it’s about consistency right you go to the dentist twice a year your teeth will fall out you have to brush your teeth every day for two minutes what is brushing your day twice a day for two minutes due nothing unless you do it every day twice a day for two minutes plain it’s the consistency going to the gym for nine hours does not get you into shape working out every day for 20 minutes gets you to shape so the problem is we treat leadership with intensity we have a two-day offsite we invite a bunch of speakers we give everybody certificate your leader right those things are like going to the dentist they’re very important the Good Food reminding us are getting us back on track learning new lessons but it’s the daily practice of all the monotonous little boring things like brushing your teeth that matter the most she didn’t fall in love with you because you remembered her birthday and bought her flowers imbalance day she fell in love with you because when you woke up in the morning you said good morning to her before you check your phone she fell in love with you because when you went to the fridge to get yourself a drink you got her one without even asking she fell in love with you because when you had an amazing day at work and she came home and she had a terrible day at work you didn’t say yeah yeah but let me tell you about my day you sat in listen to her awful day and you didn’t say a thing about your amazing day this is why she fell in love with you I can’t tell you exactly what day and it was no spectacular thing you did it was the accumulation of all of those little things that she woke up one day and this is if she pressed a button she goes I love him right leadership is exactly the same there’s no event there’s no thing I can tell you you have to do that your people will trust you it just doesn’t work that way it’s an accumulation of lots and lots a little things that anyone buy themselves is innocuous and useless literally pointles by themselves people will look at little things that are good leadership practice and say that won’t work and you’re absolutely right but if you do it consistently and you do it in combination with lots of other little things like saying good morning to someone that looking in the eye My Friend George was a three-star general in the Marine Corps he says his test for Leadership and I love this he goes his test really a good leader is if you ask somebody hathered day is going you actually care about the answer if times were walking to a meeting where rushing we go how are you not good I gotta get to you later I got him late for me if you ask over the people will say I love my job but I like my job I like my job means yeah the challenge is great they pay me well I like the people I love my job means I don’t want to work anywhere else I don’t care how much somebody else was willing to pay me I’m devoted to the people here and I cared desperately about the people here as if they were my family in business we have colleagues and coworkers in the military they have brothers and sisters that’s how they think of each other if you really have a strong corporate culture the people will think of each other my brothers like a family right no brothers and sisters deep Love fight but the love doesn’t go bigger the love doesn’t go away and I’ll fight with my sister but if you threaten my sister you don’t have to deal with me right we’ll fight internally we’ll bicker with each other but nobody’s gonna hurt each other and if anything from the outside shows up you got you’re looking at a unified front brothers and sisters how do you create brothers and sisters out on strangers common beliefs common values you know parents in other words executives who care about their children’s success who care to raise their children teach them skills discipline them when necessary help them build their self-confidence so that they can go on and achieve something more than you could have ever imagined achieving for yourself that’s leadership.