May 18, 2024

How to Communicate Effective and Build Relationships

This comprehensive course covers the essentials of how to communicate effective and relationship-building within the context of coaching a football team. Topics include communication strategies, fostering positive player-coach relationships, and establishing connections with parents.

How to communicate effective and build relationships in football

This is a course about effective communication while building relationships when coaching a football team.

Effective Communication & Relationships, football course to handle better the relation between coaches, players, parents and club volunteers.

The webinar will see the presenters explore how coaches can develop effective relationships with parents and players, and how to best support player development.

When coaching a team, regardless of age or skill level, effective communication is paramount. It serves as the conduit through which a coach imparts soccer concepts, inspires motivation, fosters unity, provides tactical guidance, and assesses player performances.


1. Leadeship & clarity, good communicator,
2. let the player be her.
3. the smile, the trust, a little of vulnerabiltues, of a seduction
4. be ourselves, authenticity, be calm and relax.
5. how was your day at school.
6. first let the players take over.
7. they tell their name.
8. ask about how is the school, and exams, and home staff
9. context is crucial
10. be a good human
11. every player is diffrent, is chanleged diffrently
12. it takes time, to know your players
13. Allow a Q&A time at the end.
14. So the players know they can approach you with questions.
15. explain your playing style, your filosofy.
16. Being enthusiastic, showing a love for the game, a care for the players and an interest in who the players are and what they want to achieve is the key, gender is irrelevant. We have female coaches in our boys teams and men coaching our girls and women, we succeed as coaches by being good people and caring leaders.

Effective communication and relationships in football coaching

When coaching a team, of any age group and level, it is important to communicate properly and with the group. Effective communication is the medium through which the coach can convey their football (soccer) ideas, instill motivation, promote cohesion, give tactical advice, evaluate performances.


1. empathy, and ask the parent’s help about the puberty
2. have a leader group, who organize activities in the team
3. to parents: clear comminication, about the filosofy.
4. the match day tasks, to parents, to help with the setup.
5. talk the players in front of parents, to make the language we want to use.
6. establish some rules with the parents, about games and selections.

When leading a team, be it of any age or skill level, adept effective communication is key. It acts as the channel through which a coach or manager communicates football (soccer) strategies, ignites motivation, fosters team cohesion, offers tactical insights, and evaluates individual and collective performances.


1. Never criticise
2. Give honest and sincere appreciation
3. Treat others as you would like others to treat you
4. Appeal to another person’s interest
5. Smile
6. Remember the names
7. Be a good listener, encourage others to talk about themselves.
8. Make the other person feel important, and do it sincerely
9. Avoid arguments: the only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it
10. If you’re wrong admit it quickly
11. Try to see things from the other point of view
12. Try to solve the other persons problem
13. Start with questions with the person will answer yes.
14. Talk about your own mistakes before criticising the other person
15. Ask questions instead of giving orders, people want to follow their orders instead of someone else’s
16. Do you think that would work?
17. What do you think of this?
18. Can we think of a different way to do it?
19. Praise every slightest improvement
20. Tell them they have the talent and fundamentals but need to practice to get better

How to communicate effective and build relationships in football

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