May 18, 2024

The Rule of the Three Cs in Leadership

If you’re a new manager and you’re wanting to build trust with the rule of the three Cs in leadership, in the new team, then you’ll want to remember the three seas framework: clarity, consistency and choice.

Build trust with this framework in your team.

The Rule of the Three Cs in Leadership

the first one clarity┬áif you can keep team members up-to-date with what’s going on what effects them and why decisions be made they will trust you much more than someone that keeps them in the dark and does things on their behalf without their permission and doesn’t pass on as much information as they can the

second one consistency not only in how you approach work but the willingness to be your word and if you say that you’re going to do something that you actually do it but also in how consistent you are in managing your emotions don’t underestimate how much impact you have on team members will be in with your own emotional regulation a manager that is up and down and inconsistent and people don’t know where they stand they will not build trust in that team.

the third one choice remember your job is to delegate outcomes not how team members get there of course unless they need extra support in doing that because they’re new to the job remember to build a team filled with trust you first got to trust them hope this helps.

The Rule of the Three Cs in Leadership

The “Three Cs” in leadership often refer to these “other three skills”:

1. Character: Having strong moral and ethical principles, integrity, and being trustworthy.
2. Competence: Possessing the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to effectively lead and accomplish goals.
3. Communication: Being able to convey ideas clearly, actively listen, and foster open dialogue within the team.

These three elements are considered fundamental for effective leadership.